Raclette Dinner

Raclette is interactive dinner similar to gathering around a fondue pot.

Raclette cheese is unique to Switzerland and France. The cheese is melted in a Raclette Oven and served over boiled new potatoes with traditional accoutrements. Ovens have 8 slots for guests, but can accommodate 9 to 10 people depending on the size of your dining room.

Above the cheese slots is a grill where we start you off with petite Bratwurst and German mustard. Pork Tenderloin is then grilled and served with 3 unique homemade Swiss Sauces. Vegetables are added to the grill and white asparagus are served on the side.  The meal starts with light appetizers and concludes with a Swiss dessert.

Raclette is traditionally paired with chilled White Wine and Schnapps.